TriLab – a combined remote, virtual and hands-on laboratory as a novel reusable learning object (RLO) for supporting engineering laboratory education

2009-06-25T11:00:46Z (GMT) by Mahmoud Abdulwahed Zoltan K. Nagy
Reusable Learning Object (RLO) is, in brief, a conceptual model of a shared vessel of teaching and learning content which is normally developed using IT tools. Attention have been paid recently towards using RLOs in educational processes for facilitating better learning and minimizing costs associated with improving teaching and learning. The importance of a laboratory experience in engineering education curricula has been emphasized in a large number of science and engineering education articles (Johnstone et al 2001; Hofestein et al 2004; Feisel et al 2002; Kirschener et al 1988; Ma et al 2006). Wankat observes that only 6% of the articles published in the Journal of Engineering Education from 1993-2002 had ‘Laboratory’ as a keyword (Wankat 2004). In response to the recent recommendations in the literature regarding the engineering laboratory education, we worked on developing an Online Laboratory Learning Object (OLLO) for enhancing the students laboratory experience, the OLLO was developed for the process control laboratory taught through various courses at the chemical engineering department of Loughborough University.