Tribology of the ring–bore conjunction subject to a mixed regime of lubrication

2009-05-12T14:06:35Z (GMT) by P.C. Mishra Homer Rahnejat Paul King
This paper provides a detailed analysis of the compression ring–bore/liner conjunction. The analysis includes ring–bore conformability and global in-plane deformation of ring fitted in situ. The analysis for fitted ring in an out-of-round bore shows very good agreement with precise measurements, using a coordinate measuring machine. The analysis also includes the lubricated conjunction under a transient regime of lubrication, taking into account combined elastohydrodynamics and asperity interactions. The transient nature of the tribological conjunction has been demonstrated, particularly the prevalent mixed/boundary regime of lubrication at the top and bottom dead centres. The analysis is applied to a high performance motorbike engine subjected to very high impact loads and engine speeds of the order of 13 000 r/min. Furthermore, the predictions of the model show good conformance to the measurements of friction reported by other research workers.