UK solid-wall dwellings - thermal comfort, energy efficiency refurbishment and the user perspective - some preliminary analysis from the CALEBRE project

The paper discusses the state of solid wall housing in the UK, and the technical and socio-economical challenges that need to be addressed whilst refurbishing this stock. The challenges of improving the thermal performance of the envelope and of reducing space heating-related carbon emissions in solid wall housing are discussed together with issues related to thermal comfort, the ‘take-back’ process and user-appeal. Preliminary results of the Householder Survey of Project CALEBRE are presented, including the sample selection and survey processes. It is concluded that, irrespective of cost factors, the perceived benefits and aspirational appeal of carbon-reducing technologies need to outweigh the cost associated with disruption from the perspective of the householder. Achieving this, places demanding requirements not only on technologists and designers but also upon those responsible for marketing essential energy saving solutions.