Understanding arithmetic concepts: The role of domain-specifc and domain-general skills - dataset

This dataset is from a study of children's understanding of arithmetic concepts. It consists of scores from a series of mathematical and domain-general tasks for a sample of 77 children aged 7 - 10 years old.

Gilmore, C., Clayton, S., Cragg, L., McKeaveney, C., Simms, V., & Johnson, S. (2018). Understanding arithmetic concepts: The role of domain-specific and domain-general skills. PLOS One 13(9): e0201724.

Ravens Coloured Progressive Matrices
WIAT Numerical Operations and Mathematics Reasoning
Conceptual Understanding
Counting skills
Number fact knowledge
Arithmetic strategy use and efficiency
Number recognition
Number line PAE
Nonsymbolic and symbolic magnitude comparison
Working memory: Digit Recall, Word recall and AWMA Mr X
NEPSY Inhibition and Switching
NEPSY visuospatial processing Arrows subtest