Understanding community management of water

2018-02-12T15:08:20Z (GMT) by Isaack O. Oenga
The participatory Action Research on The Role of Communities in the Management of Improved rural Water Supplies involves the understanding of the dynamics, and the challenges inherent in the decision making process within the social environment in which the improved water supplies are located. The Participatory Action Research is enhancing the understanding of the dynamics challenges and constraints of community management. The overall project guidance and coordination is provided by International Centre for Water and Sanitation (IRC), The Hague with funding from The Netherlands Government. The collaborating institutions are NGO’s in six developing countries Colombia, Guatemala (Latin America); Nepal, Pakistan (Asia); and Cameroon, Kenya (Africa). Network for Water and Sanitation International (NETWAS) is a Regional NGO collaborating in this PAR Project. The overall project components include preparation, community selection, community diagnosis, problem identification, identification of promising solutions, experimentation and monitory and evaluation.