Urban partnership approaches: a WSUP update

2018-02-12T15:11:34Z (GMT) by Jane Bevan Richard Franceys
The challenge of providing basic services to the urban poor is enormous, and past sectoral approaches have had limited impact on the coverage statistics. WSUP – water & sanitation for the urban poor – is a unique partnership organisation that aims to support and strengthen local service providers to meet this challenge at scale, and in a sustainable way. This paper provides an overview of the WSUP model, and presents some achievements to date. Local Service providers are being supported in a number of innovative ways to build organisational capacity and improve planning and pro-poor implementation policies. An interesting aspect of the partnership approach is the distinctive governance arrangements that have evolved, with a Steering Committee set up in each city where WSUP is working. These committees have formed differently in each location, reflecting the prevailing operational practicalities. A few specific challenges and lessons are presented.