Use of SketchBook Pro with Tablet PC (TabSketch™) as a design thinking tool in the teaching and learning of design and technology

2008-04-25T11:33:11Z (GMT) by Chia Soo Chin Jason Tan
This paper shares the preliminary findings from the first two phases of an exploratory study on the potential of Tab-Sketch™ as i) a design-thinking tool for design and technology (D&T) teachers and pupils in secondary schools; ii) a teaching and learning tool for D&T teachers; and iii) a platform to document design-thinking in the form of digital design journal. Tab-Sketch is an acronym derived from Tablet PC and SketchBook Pro, a computer software. The study, which is naturalistic in approach, was initiated in Nov 2004 and has evolved into three phases. Phases 1 and 2 were completed. Phase 3 has commenced in Aug 2006 and will end in Dec 2007. The insights and experiences gained from the first two phases include: • the concept of ‘growing ideas’ conveniently and dynamically; • the potential of the software for quick sketches and editing via features like layer and the range of rendering tools available; • Tab-Sketch as a tool for the teacher-designer to dialogue with self and to practise rapid visualisation; • capturing design conversations graphically and digitally between teacher and pupil; and • ease in manipulating images and ideating presentation drawings. These preliminary findings have shaped Phase 3 of the study which is still on-going.