Use of multi-touch gestures for capturing solution steps in arithmetic word problems

Multi-touch interfaces are becoming popular with tablet PCs and other multi-touch surfaces increasingly used in classrooms. Several studies have focused on the development of learning and collaboration potentials of these tools. However, assessment and feedback processes are yet to leverage on the new technologies to capture problem solving steps and strategies. This paper describes a computer aided assessment prototype tool that uses an innovative approach of multi-touch gestures to capture solution steps and strategies. It presents a preliminary effort to investigate the capturing of solution steps involving a two- step arithmetic word problem using the approach. The results suggest that it is possible to perform two step arithmetic work with multi-touch gestures and simultaneously capture solution processes. The steps captured provided detailed information on the students’ work which was used to study possible strategies adopted in solving the problems. This research suggests some practical implications for development of automated feedback and assessment systems and could serve as a base for future studies on effective strategies in arithmetic problem solving.