Use of smart technologies to collect and retain crash information

2006-06-14T11:25:26Z (GMT) by James Lenard Andrew Morris Pete Thomas
Task 1.1 of Pendant Work Package 1 has a threefold objective: firstly to develop methods and guidelines for the reconstruction of road traffic accidents, secondly to develop a database of information about public domain crash tests, and thirdly to develop methods for determining the comparability and accuracy of reconstruction methods. As part of the third aim the Description of work (2001) states: "Specific reference will be made to the use of smart technologies to collect and retain information about the crash (‘black boxes’, ‘crash recorders’). The Task will examine current capabilities and identify the main obstacles to their wider implementation." The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the state of the art in recording information about the crash phase, including current capabilities and main obstacles to further implementation.