Using SCADA data for wind turbine condition monitoring - a review

2016-10-06T15:06:46Z (GMT) by Jannis Weinert Simon Watson
The ever increasing size of wind turbines and the move to build them offshore have accelerated the need for optimised maintenance strategies in order to reduce operating costs. Predictive maintenance requires detailed information on the condition of turbines. Due to the high costs of dedicated condition monitoring systems based on mainly vibration measurements, the use of data from the turbine Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is appealing. This review discusses recent research using SCADA data for failure detection and condition monitoring, focussing on approaches which have already proved their ability to detect anomalies in data from real turbines. Approaches are categorised as (i) trending, (ii) clustering, (iii) normal behaviour modelling, (iv) damage modelling and (v) assessment of alarms and expert systems. Potential for future research on the use of SCADA data for advanced turbine condition monitoring is discussed.