Using a requirements matrix and associated graphs for strategic decision making at Rolls-Royce

2013-11-13T14:05:44Z (GMT) by Mark De Chazal Ray Dawson
Legacy information systems are an ever-present factor in modern-day business. This paper produces a summary of some of the approaches available that would be most beneficial to Rolls-Royce. It is noted that the approaches are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and elements can sometimes be combined to produce the best approach in a given situation. It is concluded that only a few of the approaches outlined have elements that are valid and should be considered in the case of PIMS and related databases in Rolls-Royce. As a result of the conclusions reached during the analysis of options, Rolls-Royce is considering combining elements from several of the various approaches. This solution is designed to satisfy as many requirements of the user population as possible, whilst streamlining the costs required to maintain the database. Rolls-Royce now intends to cost out the implementation of the chosen solution.