Utilisation of edge adaptive upsampling in compression of depth map videos for enhanced free-viewpoint rendering

In this paper we propose a novel video object edge adaptive upsampling scheme for application in video-plus-depth and Multi-View plus Depth (MVD) video coding chains with reduced resolution. Proposed scheme is for improving the ratedistortion performance of reduced-resolution depth map coders taking into account the rendering distortion induced in freeviewpoint videos. The inherent loss in fine details due to downsampling, particularly at video object boundaries causes significant visual artefacts in rendered free-viewpoint images. The proposed edge adaptive upsampling filter allows the conservation and better reconstruction of such critical object boundaries. Furthermore, the proposed scheme does not require the edge information to be communicated to the decoder, as the edge information used in the adaptive upsampling is derived from the reconstructed colour video. Test results show that as much as 1.2 dB gain in free-viewpoint video quality can be achieved with the utilization of the proposed method compared to the scheme that uses the linear MPEG re-sampling filter. The proposed approach is suitable for video-plus-depth as well as MVD applications, in which it is critical to satisfy bandwidth constraints while maintaining high free-viewpoint image quality.