Vanishing characteristic speeds and critical dispersive points in nonlinear interfacial wave problems

2018-11-12T13:56:02Z (GMT) by Daniel Ratliff
Criticality plays a central role in the study of reductions and stability of hydrodynamical systems. At critical points, it is often the case that nonlinear reductions with dispersion arise to govern solution behavior. By considering when such models become bidirectional and lose their initial dispersive properties, it will be shown that higher order dispersive models may be supported in hydrodynamical systems. Precisely, this equation is a two-way Boussinesq equation with sixth order dispersion. The case of two layered shallow water is considered to illustrate this, and it is reasoned why such an environment is natural for such a system to emerge. Further, it is demonstrated that the regions in the parameter space for nontrivial flow, which admit this reduction, are vast and in fact form a continuum. The reduced model is then numerically simulated to illustrate how the two-way and higher dispersive properties suggest more exotic families of solitary wave solutions can emerge in stratified flows.