Visualising scattering underwater acoustic fields using laser Doppler vibrometry

2008-09-18T08:00:48Z (GMT) by Andy Harland Jon Petzing John Tyrer
Analysis of acoustic wavefronts are important for a number of engineering design, communication and healthrelated reasons, and it is very desirable to be able to understand the interaction of acoustic fields and energy with obstructions. Experimental analysis of acoustic wavefronts in water has traditionally been completed with single or arrays of piezoelectric or magnetostrictive transducers or hydrophones. These have been very successful, but the presence of transducers within the acoustic region can in some circumstances be undesirable. The research reported here, describes the novel application of scanning laser Doppler vibrometry to the analysis of underwater acoustic wavefronts, impinging on circular cross section obstructions. The results demonstrate that this new non-invasive acoustics measurement technique can successfully visualise and measure reflected acoustic fields, diffraction and refraction effects.