WASH, disability and ageing - a continuum framework to monitor progress on mainstreaming

2018-02-12T15:10:32Z (GMT) by Hazel Jones
A desk study was designed by WEDC and WaterAid to map the extent to which issues of disability and ageing have been mainstreamed in the WASH sector, and what the impact of this has been. Study findings indicate that disability and ageing have received increasing attention in the WASH sector over the last decade, but there is still a long way to go to achieve genuine mainstreaming. The picture emerging from the study is of a range of disability/elderly inclusive activities and approaches that can be represented on a ‘continuum’ of progress towards mainstreaming. This continuum framework is presented, along with examples of the type of activities that characterise each stage on the continuum. This continuum provides a framework for WASH implementers to analyse their own equity and inclusion activities. With further refinement, it could also provide a practical tool for use by implementers in reviewing progress, and planning next steps in mainstreaming disability and ageing within their organisation and programmes.