WASH in emergencies problem exploration report: Solid waste management

2017-03-06T10:42:07Z (GMT) by Brian Reed Rubis Mena-Moreno
Solid waste is a very visible issue in an emergency, but it is often a neglected area of environmental sanitation. It is a diffuse problem that can impact adversely on health, sanitation, drainage and the wider environment. Solid waste also affects public space, reducing the sense of ownership of the problem, both to the general population and to the aid agencies providing relief. Each agency produces waste, from its activities (especially bringing in supplies from elsewhere), their general operations (using and maintaining vehicles) and from their staff (whose living conditions may be in contrast to those of the local population). The solutions for solid waste management (SWM) are technically simple but managerially complex (UNEP/OCHA, 2011). Very little innovation is taking place in the area, although reporting failures is common. Current SWM initiatives focus mainly on restoration of public services