Water security planning (WSP) for sustainable water resources management in West Africa

2018-11-02T13:49:27Z (GMT) by Felix Gbevillah Lucien Damiba
This briefing paper describes the processes, lessons and challenges in developing a Water Security Plan (WSP) under WaterAid Securing Water Resources Approach (SWRA) initiative. The WSP provides framework for achieving sustainable access to water for multiple use while maintaining healthy and diverse ecosystems for communities in Bongo District by 2022. This plan was developed through participatory stakeholder involvement. The vision of the plan is to achieve sustainable access to water for the multiple use by the people of of Bongo District by 2022. The vision of the plan is informed by an analysis of the current and emerging challenges of water resources management. The analysis unearthed the strength and challenges of water resources management in the district and proposed actions supported by investment plan for securing water resources for multiple use. The plan addresses the challenges of water quality, water infrastructure, and accountability among others.