Wavelet compression of network delay measurements

2008-01-03T12:41:32Z (GMT) by Kostas Kyriakopoulos David Parish
Monitoring high-speed networks produces a large amount of network performance measurements over a long period of time making their storage impractical. This paper looks at the Wavelet Transform as a method of compressing the information describing network delay measurements while maintaining quality of important signal features. A wavelet coefficient thresholding technique is used along with an efficient method for storing wavelet coefficients. Experimental results are obtained to compare soft and hard thresholding techniques by using the mean square error (MSE) statistic and the file size of the compressed output. In addition, those two techniques are compared against the lossless compression tool bzip2. Results show that the proposed method achieves 6.5 times more compression than bzip2 while preserving the peaks and bursty segments of the examined signals.