Wetting properties of cosmetic polymeric solutions on hair tresses

© 2016 Elsevier B.V.The objective of the present work is to investigate wetting of hair tresses with the solutions of two polyacrylate polymers broadly used in cosmetic products. Wetting properties of the neutralized Aculyn-22™ (A22) and Aculyn-33™ (A33) polymer solutions on dry hair tresses are studied. Wetting behaviour on the dry undamaged hair tresses is drastically different between the two polymers and, in a first approximation, not directly linked with their bulk rheology. In the case of A22 the droplet spreads and remains on the tress after spreading for at least half an hour, during which it slowly evaporates and possibly penetrates inside the hair. For A33 fast penetration of the droplet inside the hair tress is observed when the advancing contact angle reaches a critical value of about 60°. It can be attributed to the so-called Cassie-Wenzel wetting transition, in which the liquid starts to penetrate inside the hair array.