What are the key issues regarding the role of geothermal energy in meeting energy needs in the global south?

Globally, the potential of geothermal far exceeds that of all other renewable sources together, although investment in the other sources to date has far exceeded investment in geothermal. World Energy Assessment estimates in 2000 for the global potential of all renewables (EJ/yr) were Geothermal 5000, Solar 1575, Wind 640, Biomass 276, Hydro 50, giving a total of 7541 (UNDP, 2000). When installed, geothermal plants have a far higher capacity factor than other sources (solar depends on the level of direct insolation, wind power on wind, etc.); estimates (REN21, 2009) give wind-power 21%, solar PV 14% but geothermal is at least as high as 75% and often more than 95%, given that once a plant is established it operates continuously except for routine down-time for maintenance and rare break-downs.