Wideband fan-beam low-sidelobe array antenna using grounded reflector for DECT, 3G, and ultra-wideband wireless applications

low-sidelobe fan-beam wideband linear array antenna employing a nonparasitic grounded reflector is presented. This fan-beam antenna is achieved using a six-element conventional planar monopole array antenna and feed network, which together produce sidelobes at 26 dB. Dolph–Tschebyscheff distribution is employed, and a broadband array feed network is designed to satisfy beneficial input impedance bandwidth requirements in the frequency range 1.7–2.2 GHz. Therefore, this array covers applications of GSM-DCS2, DECT, and 3G. Combining planar monopole antenna as an array with nonparasitic grounded reflector allows an advantageous fan beam pattern to be generated. H-plane 3-dB beamwidths are controllable using grounded reflector height. In addition, the results are compared with and without reflector array antenna.