Youth in motion: spatialising youth movement(s) in the social sciences

‘Youth in Motion: Spatialising Youth Movement(s) in the Social Sciences’ was a one-day interdisciplinary workshop convened by the University College London (UCL) Youth Geographies Research Group on Thursday 16 June 2011. The workshop attracted an international audience with participants from institutions in France, Finland, Italy, Canada and Australia, as well as around the UK. Although all attendees worked with youth in an academic context, many were also experienced youth work practitioners. Our primary objective was to provide an opportunity for social scientists working with youth in a diverse range of disciplinary contexts to consider how research accommodates the notion of movement(s) when exploring the spaces, places and everyday experiences of young lives. In this brief report, we aim to present some of the key themes that emerged over the course of the workshop and connect these with recent work asking ‘where next?’ for geographical research with youth...