'1966 and all that': trends and developments in UK ergonomics during the 1960s

2010-02-18T09:56:12Z (GMT) by Patrick Waterson Ken Eason
The 1960’s represent a key decade in the expansion of ergonomics within the UK. In this paper we review trends and developments that emerged out of the 1960’s and compare these with ergonomics research and practice today. We focus in particular on the expansion of ergonomics as a discipline within industry, as well as more specific topics such as: the emergence of areas of interest such as computers and technology; automation and systems ergonomics; and, consumer ergonomics. We illustrate our account with a detailed timeline of developments, a set of industrial case studies and the contents of important publications during the decade. A key aim of the paper is to provide the opportunity to reflect on the past and the implications this may have for future directions for ergonomics within the UK.