...6767... Draw Bridge [image by Andrew Selby]

2017-01-25T10:04:27Z (GMT) by Andrew Selby
An exhibition examining drawing practice through research, enterprise and teaching synergies between two countries and cultures Concept The School of the Arts at Loughborough University (LU) utilizes drawing and visualization as a primary research and development tool through its practice-based research, taught curricula and, increasingly, in its enterprise aspirations. The notion of applied drawing and visualisation methodologies can be evidenced by the research specialisms of staff, many of who class the process of drawing as central to their investigative enquiry. Fostering a personalized approach to the use and engagement with drawing is seen as integral to research gathering, subjective interrogation, and critical thinking, with drawing being recognized as a design development tool. As well as being evident in the final image making it can be found in many forms evidencing process and validating purpose. This exhibition aims to examine the intrinsic role and application of drawing across a selected range of creative practice and the participants featured have been specifically selected as key exponents utilizing drawing and visualization for these purposes. The exhibition presents an insight into the nature of their own working process and how this impacts their research and entrepreneurial practice. The exhibition also seeks to identify parallel practice between Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) and LU given the commonality of their taught curriculum and the diversity of cultural backgrounds. The outcome of the exhibition will identify areas of convergence, divergence and future collaborative practice that develop significant research, increased pedagogical orientation and impact to shared global cultural and creative industries.