[Absorbed light and fluorescence spectrum composite detector]

2016-08-05T10:21:28Z (GMT) by Sijung Hu
The invention relates to an absorbed light and fluorescence spectrum composite detector, which comprises a radiation light source, a color matching dish, a microprocessor, and an absorbed light sensor module and a fluorescence sensor module which are mutually 90 DEG to each other and are connected with the microprocessor. The microprocessor is connected with the radiation light source through a pulse drive circuit, and condensing lenses are respectively arranged between the color matching dish and the radiation light source, and between the absorbed light sensor module and the fluorescence sensor module. The radiation light source is capable of selectively giving off pulsed light with two or above two wave lengths. The light source with each selected wave length is corresponding to the absorbed light spectrum and the fluorescence spectrum of each measured object. The absorbed light and fluorescence signals of the measured objects are inputted into a personal computer with time and place selected through optoelectronic conversion, thereby solving the problem of being incapable of carrying out simultaneous and synchronous composite detection of the absorbed light and fluorescence of various objects in a sample.