"Art Furniture in the Old English Style" The Firm of Collinson and Lock, London, 1870-1900"

2012-11-12T13:59:01Z (GMT) by Clive Edwards
The London based furnishing company Collinson & Lock was established in 1870 and quickly became a significant and successful business for over 25 years. Despite the absence of archival material, an investigation into the success of the firm can be undertaken by using a form of business analysis, in combination with contemporary printed sources. By looking at the firm’s business strategy and processes, the characteristics of the products, and the nature of the client base and the marketplace, a successful analysis can be made to chart the significance of the firm and its products in the late nineteenth century furnishing trade. The article therefore interprets the contemporary material with an emphasis on the marketing and reception of their products to chart the significance, rise and fall of this once successful partnership.