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Anarchic agreements: how to build durable groups and coalitions

posted on 06.09.2021, 15:03 by Ruth KinnaRuth Kinna, Alex Prichard, Thomas SwannThomas Swann, Seeds for Change
An anarchist constitution might sound like a contradiction in terms. Our aim is to convince you that it’s not. This short book shows how to constitutionalise in an anarchistic way, explaining the theory and giving examples from anarchist and anarchistic groups. It is one of the products of over ten years of academic research, but it is designed explicitly for practical everyday purposes, not academic ones. What we do in this very short book is show you some of the ways you can do it, in plain simple English, with practical examples and illustrations dotted throughout, and with some past and current constitutions for you to look for inspiration at the end. The focus is not what’s in these documents. It is instead on the ongoing and never-ending process of developing constitutions and of keeping those documents alive, in the fairest and least-dominating ways possible. If you want to find out more about the research project you can look at the information here: If not, just read on.



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