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Emotional journeys in game design teams

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posted on 2016-10-17, 10:41 authored by Patrick StaceyPatrick Stacey, Joe Nandhakumar
There is little research into the emotional dimension of creative industry personnel, such as computer game designers, and how emotions relate to their creative practices and work-related events. Such socioemotional work is the focus of this chapter. There is a practice-centered relevance to this topic too – it is reported that there exists a poor quality of life in many global game studios. Given our deficient knowledge of emotions in computer game development, and the practical resonance of this topic, our key research question is: What emotions, creative practices and work-related events characterize emotional journeys in computer game design teams, and how do these characteristics inter-relate? To explore and answer this research question, we draw on an in-depth field study of a computer games studio in Singapore. The chapter offers a theory of emotion-mediated improvisation as a coping model for the tumultuous emotional journeys that game developers endure.



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Business, technological and social dimensions of computer games


220 - 236


STACEY, P.K. and NANDHAKUMAR, J., 2011. Emotional journeys in game design teams. IN: Cruz-Cunha, M.M., Costa Carvalho, V.H. and Almeida Tavares, P.C., (eds.) Business, technological and social dimensions of computer games, Hershey PA: IGI Global, pp. 220-236.


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