Game of thrones in India: Of piracy, queer intimacies and viral memes

2017-01-26T12:30:47Z (GMT) by Rohit Dasgupta
Game of Thrones has been immensely popular in India since its launch in 2011. In India, however, the series was unavailable for some time owing to strict censorship laws. Based on ethnographic research carried out between 2011 and 2015, this chapter looks at the popularity of the show by tracking its distribution through pirated content, viral memes and young audience reception. In addition to its popularity within youth groups, another unexpected fan group that has emerged in the last few years has been queer individuals in India who find the queer characters such as Brienne, Renly and Loras particularly engaging. This chapter uses a variety of fan reactions in India to illustrate the important role the show plays in fans’ daily world-making.