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Revisiting diaspora as process: timespace, performative diasporas?

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posted on 2020-09-11, 10:25 authored by Elizabeth MavroudiElizabeth Mavroudi
There are tensions between the roots and routes of diaspora, on the one hand stressing fluid, hybrid lives and identities 'on the move' whilst on the other, the constant striving for connectedness with, and belonging to, the homeland (Clifford 1997; Mavroudi 2007a). These dynamic boundary (de)constructions (Brubaker 2005) can be empowering, but also problematic for those in diaspora and serve as a reminder that we need to pay attention to the complex power relations, materiality, ambivalence and potential challenges of living, feeling and belonging in diaspora. For geographers, one of the main concerns has been to flesh out the materialities and emotionalities of diaspora through a grounding of place, and the explorations of spaces and times which affect the diasporic experience. This chapter builds upon these themes by focusing on two cross-cutting and inter-linking themes as a means of further engaging with the notion of diaspora as process: diasporas and timespace and linkages between diasporas, mobilities and non-representational theory or diasporas as performed and negotiated. In doing so, the chapter will also seek to highlight the important role that geographers can play in debating such issues, and in doing so, making theoretical contributions to conceptualising diaspora.



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Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration


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This is a draft chapter. The final version is available in Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration edited by Katharyne Mitchell, Reece Jones and Jennifer L. Fluri, published in 2019, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd https://doi.org/10.4337/9781786436030. The material cannot be used for any other purpose without further permission of the publisher, and is for private use only.

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Katharyne Mitchell; Reece Jones; Jennifer L. Fluri


Dr Elizabeth Mavroudi. Deposit date: 9 September 2020

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