Autonomous recording system for simultaneous long-term ambient noise and marine mammal monitoring

2016-12-15T11:16:46Z (GMT) by Paul Lepper L. Simon L. Dufrechou
There has be significant growth in recent year in the requirement for high quality long-term underwater acoustic data acquisition. One of the primary drivers has been the assessment of long-term trends in noise in our oceans and potential impacts from anthropogenic noise on marine wildlife. These recorders usually fulfill a number of key roles in this sector. These include providing acoustic data on long-term trends in ambient or background noise, data on trends in system or device noise of interest and data on vocalizing marine species and potential associated behaviors. Many marine sectors now routinely use these data types to assess any impact from their operations and commonly they form part of ocean operators consenting processes. However no single technology is widely available to perform all of these functions efficiently within a single deployment package.