Climate change impacts on WASH and slum community-based adaptation measures

2018-02-12T15:10:44Z (GMT) by Giri R. Khatri Madhav N. Shrestha
As with all climatic events, impact of climate change affects urban poor communities the hardest. Often the most vulnerable in terms of their limited access to safe water and hygienic sanitation as well as the vulnerable location of their homes and limited resources to cope with emergencies. This study attempted to access the vulnerability of squatter households in the Kathmandu valley to climate change, specifically on their water and sanitation situation as well as learn on adaptation measures adopted by urban poor.30 households of Pathivara Informal Settlement were interviewed to understand the perception of climate change. The community has already adopted self-adaptation practices such as increased rain water harvesting, water treatment, use of public toilet, reuse of grey water to cope with climate. The findings of this study are useful to advocate for climate resilient urban planning and to encourage other urban poor communities to cope with climate change impact.