Internet of Things home healthcare: the feasibility of elderly activity monitoring

2019-01-18T14:24:25Z (GMT) by Luke Power Sarah Dunnett Lisa Jackson
Homecare systems are a focus of research due to shifting care requirements of the elderly. Activity has become a vital metric when monitoring vulnerable patients. Activity monitoring however is contextual and difficult to capture. In this paper the implementation of a Bluetooth low energy monitoring system which incorporates the interoperability of Internet of Things (IoT) to create a sustainable homecare approach is explored. Monitored patient health is evaluated using activities of daily living standards. Data captured is evaluated to determine movement, motion and location which contribute to the activity based, sensor driven care models. Activity is captured by occupants interacting with ‘unique’ objects of interest (OOI). Interactions captured are evaluated using activities of daily living by aligning room positioning, transference within the home and OOI use.