School-based teacher training - a partnership in balance

2006-05-08T17:21:56Z (GMT) by Mike Hopkinson George Asquith
Greenhead Grammar School, a multi-cultural, mixed ability, comprehensive school in Keighley has gained an international reputation for its excellence in the teaching of Design & Technology. In particular the `TRIPS' (Technology, Resources, Information and Problem-solving) scheme pre-dated the National Curriculum to provide a balanced experience for KS3 pupils in the areas of Design, IT, Business Awareness, Food and Fabrics, Systems and Structures. Leeds Polytechnic Design & Technology Centre was the first institution in the country to modularise its degree programmes in line with National Curriculum requirements to provide a Design & Technology degree with two routes Design & Technology and Design & Technology/Home Economics. Greenhead Grammar School has for some years facilitated traditional teaching practice placements for Leeds' students on a variety of courses. Links have grown naturally from the interaction of school and polytechnic staff. The paper will outline the KS3 TRIPS scheme and give an insight into a developing pilot project which has run this year as a possible model for a more school-based teacher education course.