Supporting an inclusive, sustainable approach to design and manufacture

Taking a more inclusive and accessible approach to the design of products, services and systems is supported with a proven business model. Due to the increasing age of global populations and the prevalence of people with a disability, there is a significant market to be addressed through more inclusive design. Taking an inclusive approach can then act as a driver for more sustainable product development ensuring that products meet the needs of the broadest range of users possible and are sufficiently flexible to meet the changing demands of users as they age. This paper reports on research done in order to address shortcomings in the tools available to designers looking to take an inclusive approach and the availability of data to support such tools. In particular the paper introduces a digital human modelling tool called HADRIAN designed to allow the evaluation of designs within a CAD environment that consider the abilities of a very broad range of users. However, design is one element within the realisation of products. This paper explores also explores the use of HADRIAN beyond its initial design-led remit, into the implications for the manufacture of these inclusive products as part of a broader view of sustainable manufacturing practice.