The development of a comprehensive framework for measuring business performance in construction

Business performance measurement has been the subject of considerable research over the past fifteen years. Most of this research has been triggered by the inadequacy of financial indicators and the increasing use of non-financial indicators. Consequently, companies have to choose from many available frameworks / methods to monitor their business performance such as the Balanced Scorecard, Excellence Models and industry key performance indicators (KPI). The choice of one framework / method over the others might omit important performance information, and the use of more than one simultaneously can cause confusion and the use of valuable time and resources. This paper describes the PhD research underway to develop a comprehensive business performance measurement framework for construction organizations. The research adopts a hypothetico-deductive approach that comprises two main stages. First, the framework is formulated from existing well-established frameworks in literature. The second stage is the empirical testing of the framework that uses triangulated methods for collecting and analysing data. The paper further discusses the scope of the research within the industry, and finally the use of the framework in measuring business performance and its interface with the construction KPI.