Trends in UK public library materials expenditure 1998-2008

2011-03-01T14:40:16Z (GMT) by Sonya White Claire Creaser
Compilations of UK public library book fund estimates have been published since 1976, with the aim of providing a simple and immediate statement of library authorities’ expenditure intentions on books and related materials. For the purposes of this study, trends per head of resident population in the number of service points, total library expenditure and materials expenditure for the UK will be examined over the last ten years, alongside corresponding data for other countries such as Australia and the USA. The trends analysis includes the minimum, maximum, upper and lower quartiles along with the mean and median for each year over the period 1997-98 to 2007-08. In particular this study will bring to light how the general decline in materials expenditure in the UK in recent years has not been experienced worldwide.