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A comparison of Blackboard CAA and an Innovative self assessment tool for formative assessment

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posted on 26.05.2006, 10:16 by Graham Farrell, Vivienne Farrell, Ying K. Leung
This comparative study analyses the responses of a cohort of students using both the Blackboard Multiple Choice Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) package and another Multiple Choice Question package that utilizes Confidence Measurement (MCQCM) for revision. The Blackboard test was the simple Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format of a stem followed by four simple text options; the other utilized the traditional MCQ format with multiple possible answers. The MCQCM evolved from a series of studies in the IT discipline where the system was used over sequential semesters to elicit feedback to improve its functionality and usability. A total of 74 students completed a questionnaire as part of the standard subject evaluation for the participating subjects. The questions were designed to evaluate their opinion of the testing procedure identifying their preferences and concerns. The results were analyzed producing some encouraging observations. It was observed that there was a strong overall acceptance of the innovative self assessment tool MCQCM as a valuable contributor to the learning experience. In addition, the MCQCM was rated equally by the participants to the Blackboard CAA in influencing their direction of learning and identifying the areas of concern. The results show that MCQCM has promise and recommends further study.



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FARRELL, G. ... et al, 2005. A comparison of Blackboard CAA and an Innovative self assessment tool for formative assessment. IN: Proceedings of the 9th CAA Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University.


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