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A novel "resilience viewpoint" to aid in engineering resilience in systems of systems (SoS)

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posted on 16.07.2018, 11:33 by Demetrios Joannou, Roy KalawskyRoy Kalawsky
Designing evolutionary systems to meet stakeholder expectations on safety, reliability and overall resilience is of great importance in an age of interconnectivity and high dependency systems. With incidents and disruptions becoming more frequent in recent years, the requirement for systems to demonstrate high levels of resilience given the economic, political and temporal dimensions of complexity, resilience is of great significance today. Systemic resilience is of high importance at the global level. Therefore, the role of the system engineer and architect is becoming more demanding due to the need to consider requirements from a broader range of stakeholders and to implement them into early conceptual designs. The early modeling process of all systems is common ground for most engineering projects, creating an architecture to both understand a system and to design future iterations by applying model-based processes has become the norm. With the concept of systems-ofsystems (SoS) becoming common language across multiple engineering domains, model-based systems engineering techniques are evolving hand-in-hand to provide a paradigm to better analyse current and future SoS. The intrinsic characteristics of the constituent systems that make up the SoS make the challenge of designing and maintaining the reliability and resilience of a systems extremely difficult. This paper proposes a novel viewpoint, within an architecture framework (based around DoDAF, MoDAF and UPDM) to aid systems architects explore and design resilient SoS. This is known as the Resilience Viewpoint. Much of the research in the area is focussed on critical infrastructure (CI), looking at telecommunication networks, electric grid, supply networks etc, and little has been done on a generalizable tool for SoS architecture analysis, especially using existing modeling languages. Here, the application of the ‘Resilience Viewpoint’ is demonstrated using a case study from an integrated water supply system of systems, to portray its potential analytical capabilities.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

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28th Annual INCOSE International Symposium


JOANNOU, D. and KALAWSKY, R.S., 2018. A novel "resilience viewpoint" to aid in engineering resilience in systems of systems (SoS). Presented at the 28th Annual INCOSE International Symposium, Washington, DC, USA, 7-12 July 2018.


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