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Accommodating technology in schools

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posted on 10.05.2006, 13:32 by A. Lewis
The Westminster Centre for Design & Technology was set up by the Independent Schools Joint Council (ISJC) in 1987 to assist all independent schools in establishing effective technology departments in line with the aims of the new National Curriculum. Many schools looked to the Westminster Centre for advice on the buildings they should provide to accommodate technology. In view of the considerable demand for information, the architects Heath Avery Partnership were commissioned by the Westminster Centre to conduct a survey of existing design and technology departments in independent schools throughout the country, and compile a manual of guidance for the design of new departments which would be helpful to heads, governing bodies and teachers of technology. Over a period of about 12 months, Heath Avery Partnership visited technology departments in over 60 independent schools around the country, both at primary and secondary level. The survey involved assessing the virtues of each school's technology centre in terms of the building design concept, the size and configuration of the department, facilities provided and the ability of the department to adapt to meet the future needs of the National Curriculum. The outcome of this research is the publication "Accommodating Technology in Schools", a book of 124 pages which includes the findings of the survey together with details and plans of a large number of the schools visited. Although our brief was to assess technology centres in independent schools, we recognise that the publication may also be of interest to schools in the maintained sector.



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LEWIS, A., 1990. Accommodating technology in schools. DATER 1990 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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