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Assessing of thermal comfort in multi-stories [sic] old and new residential buildings in China

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posted on 2016-05-25, 10:59 authored by Yao Meng, Mahroo EftekhariMahroo Eftekhari, Dennis Loveday
This survey was carried out in two sets of dwellings in cold zone of North China in winter, that is, 7 new and 7 old apartments, starting from 15th February and ending at 15th March of 2014,the winter season when heating is on. During the survey, occupants' thermal sensation, clothing insulation etc. were collected by subjective questionnaires, and important environmental parameters were measured concurrently by proper sensors, according to the ISO 7730, ISO 7726 and ISO 10551. The results show that the correlations between Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and people's Actual Mean Vote (AMV) in new and old apartments. In addition, percentage of acceptable of occupants is higher in new apartments when compared with that in the old apartments. Another finding from this study is that females respond worse thermal acceptability to indoor thermal environment, when compared with males in both new and old apartments.



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MENG, Y., EFTEKHARI, M. and LOVEDAY, D., 2016. Assessing of thermal comfort in multi-stories [sic] old and new residential buildings in China. IN: Making comfort relevant: proceedings of 2016 9th NCEUB international Windsor conference, Windsor, Great Britain, 7-10 April 2016, pp.797-807.




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