Bangladesh government's commitment '100% sanitation by 2010' : from myth to reality

2018-02-12T15:10:07Z (GMT) by Mustafizur Rahman Sudhir K. Ghosh
In spite of widespread access to microbiologically safe drinking water the limited access to sanitation has undermined the expected health impact in Bangladesh. In 2003 the Bangladesh Government set a target of 100% sanitation by 2010, sharply ahead of the Millennium Development Goals target. Following the declaration of the Government’s commitment, a base line survey was conducted involving Central Government, the Local Government Institutions, NGOs, development partners and communities. The survey revealed that only 33% of households were using a sanitary latrine. The Government’s initiatives including the formation of a Task Force involving different administrative tiers, supporting the LGI adoption of pro-poor strategies, observation of a sanitation month, media campaigns, and the introduction of award system has dramatically raised the sanitation coverage to 78% by June 2006. This remarkable achievement gives rise to a sense of optimism that the target of 100% sanitation will be reached even before 2010.