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Catalyst crosslinked membranes for use in solvent resistant nanofiltration

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posted on 08.12.2009, 11:31 by Kevin Terry Cliff, Steve Tarleton
This paper details the characterisation (e.g. stiffness, swelling) of catalyst crosslinked polydimthylsiloxane (PDMS) and its subsequent performance as the selective layer in polyacylonitrile (PAN)/PDMS composite nanofiltration membranes. The latter is illustrated by way of the representative filtration performance of 9,10-diphenylanthracene solute from n-heptane solvent. It was found that altering the composition of the PDMS polymer has a relatively large effect on the rigidity of the material but little effect on the extent of solvent induced swelling. Additionally, when used as part of a membrane, increasing the catalyst amount has the dual effect of increasing solute rejection and lowering solvent flux. In this way a modicum of tailoring can be introduced to the membrane manufacture process to suit specific process needs.



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CLIFF, K.T. and TARLETON, E.S., 2009. Catalyst crosslinked membranes for use in solvent resistant nanofiltration. IN: Proceedings of Filtech 09, Wiesbaden, Germany, 13-15 October 2009, Vol 2, pp. 678-685


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