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Design development and performance evaluation of ICE exhaust silencer

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posted on 2020-07-21, 15:23 authored by Ahmed Ahmedov, Nicholas Beavis, Antonios PezouvanisAntonios Pezouvanis, David Rogers, Kambiz EbrahimiKambiz Ebrahimi
The noise levels generated by an unmuffled engine exhaust system can be identified as the loudest vehicle noise source. The muffler or silencer is an essential component of the internal combustion engine exhaust system, its main function is to reduce the exhaust-generated noise to an acceptably low level. Its design development is a complex process affecting the engine efficiency and thusfuel consumption, emissions and overall noise generation. This paper focuses on the design development of a muffler for a single cylinder engine application. A 1D GT-Power model of a single valve engine was developed. Additionally, an analytical muffler preliminary design methodology was introduced. The methodology provides guidelines for muffler grade selection, sizing of different components, calculation of back pressure as a function of the exhaust gas flow rate. Two custom mufflers design concepts were developed for the single cylinder engine based on the introduced analytical methodology. Two commercial single cylinder engine muffler designs available from Yanmar and Loncin were considered for the engine performance evaluation simulation. The presented combination of analytical and numerical modelling procedures can reduce the overall length of the muffler development stage by eliminating faulty design concepts and refining the muffler’s performance parameters.



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Powertrain Modelling and Control Conference (PMC) 2018


Loughborough University


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