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Design education through case study methodology

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conference contribution
posted on 05.05.2006, 10:42 authored by Cherry Barlowe, Alun Price
Within the practice of Graphic Design there are specific processes that make up the completion of a project. The aim of this pilot study is two fold, firstly; to develop a new teaching methodology making these processes clear to tertiary level graphic design students, and secondly; to serve as a source of reflection for design practitioners. To this end one process was investigated; client and graphic designer interaction. In order to document and comment on significant designer/client interaction, the observation was carried out via video tape and the data analysed for verbal and non verbal behaviour; meeting sequencing and the comparison between how designers think they interact and how they actually interact. The video taped case studies, tried analysis and the results gained will be integrated into the design curriculum and serve as powerful learning tools, firstly at campus level and secondly into a Distance Education module. This is a multi levelled investigation revealing insights into client satisfaction and dissatisfaction; a learning tool for students and a source of reflection for practising designers. This presentation will be supported by video clips and stills.



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BARLOWE and PRICE, 1997. Design education through case study methodology. IDATER 1997 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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