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Event marketing and event sponsorship: can too much of a ‘good’ thing harm the brand?

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posted on 08.12.2015, 10:02 authored by Soeren Winkelmann, Peter DickensonPeter Dickenson, Anne SouchonAnne Souchon, Nick Lee, Nina MichaelidouNina Michaelidou
Event marketing and event sponsorship represent some of the fastest growing communication tools organizations use today. Yet, while related in practice, little research has examined them together. In addition, most event marketing and event sponsorship research focuses on linear relationships with consumer outcomes, overlooking non-linear links with brand performance. We address these issues by distinguishing between event marketing and non-proprietary event sponsorship, developing a framework of their quadratic relationships with brand performance, and testing this framework on 207 UK managers. Structural equation modeling results suggest invert-U relationships exist between the two communication tools and brand performance. Findings are discussed.



  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

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2016 Sport Marketing and Sponsorship Conference


WINKLEMAN, S. al., 2016. Event marketing and event sponsorship: can too much of a ‘good’ thing harm the brand?. Presented at the 2016 Sport Marketing and Sponsorship Conference, Salzburg, 7-8th April.


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