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Existing healthcare facilities, refurbishment, and energy simulation

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conference contribution
posted on 13.04.2011, 15:30 authored by Amey Z. Sheth, Andrew Price, Jacqui Glass
In recent years, various experts and organisations have emphasised the need to improve existing facilities to meet targets imposed by government related to energy consumption and carbon emissions. Demolishing existing facilities and constructing new facilities is not always the best solution to achieve government targets and modernise existing healthcare facilities. Also, the National Health Service’s (NHS) focus on new construction in the past has contributed towards the deterioration of existing building stock up to certain extent. Research in the area of refurbishment of existing hospitals has been neglected despite the fact that existing facilities still account for a major proportion of NHS healthcare building stock. To accomplish the research aim and goals, a mixed methodology was used which include a literature review, web‐based case studies, questionnaire survey, interviews and site visits to hospitals. A brief study of healthcare refurbishment indicates that a specific framework for existing buildings is required because their characteristics are different to new facilities. The function of this particular framework should be to integrate modelling and assessment tools, and to reduce existing building energy consumption throughout the life‐cycle.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


SHETH, A.Z., PRICE, A.D.F. and GLASS, J., 2010. Existing healthcare facilities, refurbishment, and energy simulation. International Conference on the Constructed Environment, Venice, Italy, 17th-19th November.


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