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Exploring the process of inventive learning in technology education

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conference contribution
posted on 05.05.2006, 16:53 by Bernd Hill
Encouraging and supporting autonomy and self-determination as essential characteristics in the process of learning are often seen as central aims of modern pedagogical practice. In this connection the following question should be explored: how can we shape learning experiences in order to reach these learning goals ? One possible way forward in technology teaching is to incorporate activities that link technological design work in education to the world of nature. From this rich resource it may be possible to exercise the minds of students in such a way as to encourage inventive learning, leading towards a more autonomous and self-directed mode of general learning. The teaching that takes place in technology should be presented in such a way that a real understanding of technology can be obtained. This understanding should be of the processes of designing as well as elements of technological knowledge and essential technological principles. It is suggested that by seeking solutions to technological problems through the processes of invention, where solutions are directly linked to analogies in nature, then a deeper, fuller understanding of technology can result. Throughout this learning experience students can examine and use elementary technology by the use of independent strategies, methods and principles of development: the very processes of technological development can be examined.



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HILL, B., 1996. Exploring the process of inventive learning in technology education. IDATER 1996 Conference, Loughborough: Loughborough University


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