Graphic design studies: what can it be? Following in Victor Margolin’s footsteps for possible answers

2020-06-29T13:32:11Z (GMT) by Robert G. Harland
Graphic design studies is proposed as a new way to differentiate practice in graphic design from reflection on that practice. Previous attempts to link design studies and graphic design have fallen short of arguing for graphic design studies, and consequently has not been explicit about how graphic design studies may contribute
to better understanding the nature of graphic design practice. This has not been helped by the abstruse nomenclature that confuses graphic design’s relationship to and distinction from other visual practices. Victor Margolin called this ‘narrative problems.’ This paper explores the potential to differentiate graphic design practice
from graphic design studies. Building on Margolin’s longstanding work and dissatisfaction with perpetuating the term ‘design research’ in favour of adopting ‘design’ and ‘design studies,’ the potential for recognising a new field of graphic design studies is introduced and explored for the benefit of emerging interdisciplinary design research agendas.