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How cheap can hygienic latrines be?

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posted on 12.02.2018, 15:10 authored by Hong Anh Do, Viet A. Nguyen, Trong Bang Le, Doan T. Pham
A construction and operation costing of 12 types of hygienic latrines widely used in rural areas of Vietnam and presented in the Hygienic latrine Manual of the Ministry of Health, using traditional construction materials has been conducted. The cost of latrines using traditional construction materials is ranging from USD37.5 (VIP) to USD194.4 (Septic tank constructed by brick for treatment of black and grey wastewater from sitting bowl toilet). Annually averted O&M costs of Vietnamese latrines range from USD1.86 (VIP) to USD 4.58 (wet latrine with septic tank) per capita per year. Costs of hygienic latrines can be further reduced, applying solutions such as using local materials for construction, reducing the tank volume by using the water-saving flushing devices or applying more frequent tank emptying services and mass production of latrine components. The less a hygienic latrine costs, the more chance for poor people in different places can get access to improved sanitation.



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DO H.A. ... et al, 2014. How cheap can hygienic latrines be? IN: Shaw, R.J., Anh, N.V. and Dang, T.H. (eds). Sustainable water and sanitation services for all in a fast changing world: Proceedings of the 37th WEDC International Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, 15-19 September 2014, 6pp.


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